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Photography - "writing with light"
I have been producing award-winning photographic images since 1962. You have seen my work in countless newspapers and publications nationwide including The New York Times and The Congressional Record.

You can find my fine art photographs at the Antigo Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery in the Langlade County Historical Museum, 404 Superior St., Antigo, WI, the Wisconsin Visual Artists Guild Reaching New Heights Gallery, inside the Marshfield Clinic, Weston, WI., and Walls of Wittenberg WOWSPACE, 114 Vinal St., Wittenberg, WI. All of these venues offer a wide variety of both 2d and 3d art for purchase.

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Photography has completed the progression from film to digital images. Many seasoned photographers bemoan this. However, it, is as inevitable as our progression from the horse drawn carriage to the motorcar. We either embrace new technologies or we let the world pass us by. Digital is neither better or worse, it's simply what is. Early in my career I discovered the joy of seeing this world through the careful melding of orthochromatic (black & white) and panchromatic (grayscale) images. The process was painstakingly slow. Patience was essential. Today's digital darkroom provides the photographer with virtually unlimited artistic expression, something, up until now, only painters have enjoyed. Patience still remains a virtue, but it is now more rewarding than ever. - Jim Martinsen
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