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Photography - "writing with light"
I have been producing award-winning photographic images since 1962. You have seen my work in countless newspapers and publications nationwide including The New York Times and The Congressional Record. You will most often find my fine art photographs at the Antigo Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery in the Langlade County Historical Museum, 404 Superior St., Antigo, WI, and the Wisconsin Visual Artists Guild Reaching New Heights Gallery, inside the Marshfield Clinic, 3501 Cranberry Blvd., Weston, WI.

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Some Personal Favorites
Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration
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Gallery Art
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One of my greatest pleasures is to apply the techniques of great painters to photographs.
If it looks like a painting . . . It’s a photo.
If it looks like a watercolor . . . It’s a photo.
If it looks like a pencil sketch . . . It’s a photo.
I am flattered if you mistake my photo for a painting. I am not a painter, I am a photographer. Whether it’s a photo, a photo illustration, a photo painting, or a photo sketch, all of my art begins with a camera.

YouTube As a photographer, I have always envied painters. They are able to paint what they envision. I, on the other hand, have always been limited by what my lens sees. The trees, the sky, the grass, the light playing off the water, the utility pole. The artist could choose to ignore the utility pole. I couldn't. Today's digital darkroom gives photographers, like painters, the tools to include their imagination in their photographs. Life is good.Jim Martinsen

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